Sales – Experienced (3+ yrs)

This is a popular job role wherein one is expected to generate revenue through sales activities. This role is majorly focused on Business to customer sales.

You can expect specific questions around the positioning of the company in the value chain and product/service categories in which they operate. The questions suggested below provide can serve as a good preparatory questions set for a sales roles across the value chain: 

  1. What are the different structures in which businesses operate?
  2. Is a business model relevant for all types of businesses?
  3. How do businesses create/generate differentiated value?
  4. How does one go about defining the target segment while developing the value proposition? 
  5. What is the difference between a business model and a business plan?
  6. How can accounting help in taking better decisions while running a company?
  7. What is the role of each financial statement in exploring different dimensions of the financial position of a company?
  8. What are the fundamentals and principles beneath the standard accounting practices that are followed by companies?
  9. How can digital technologies support both buyers and sellers in marketing and sales management?
  10. What elements need to be taken into consideration while designing a value chain finance product?
  11. What are the critical decisions of a small to medium scale farmer/grower?
  12. What are the market side challenges faced by Farmers?
  13. What are different data types in agriculture? What are the advantages of each data type? 
  14. What criteria should a farmer adopt in making his harvesting decision?
  15. What preparations should a farmer make in relation to getting optimal price (returns) for their produce?

If you are comfortable in answering and having a good discussion on the above questions we wish you a lot of success. If you would like to have preparation support we recommend you the following digital school courses: