Marketing – Early stage (1-3 yrs)

This is a popular job role where one is expected to gather market intelligence and stay updated with the latest market trends related to the company’s respective business line. This role also requires one to carry out the marketing activities related to the product/service one company is providing.

You can expect specific questions around the positioning of the company in the value chain and product/service categories in which they operate. The questions suggested below provide can serve as a good preparatory questions set for a sales roles across the value chain: 

  1. What preparations should a farmer make in relation to getting optimal price (returns) for their produce?
  2. How can digital technologies support smallholders in addressing the market side challenges for SHFs?
  3. How can digital technologies support both buyers and sellers in marketing and sales management?
  4. What is the role of digital technologies in harvesting and marketing of the produce? 
  5. Which current industry trend/development is attracting your interest? Why? 
  6. Which food products/commodities are more prone to price fluctuations and why?
  7. What are the market realities of the fruit and vegetable sector?
  8. How is big food responding to the creation of challenger brands and novel food categories that are limiting their growth? 
  9. How do businesses create/generate differentiated value?
  10. What is important for food & agricultural businesses to strengthen their sustainability outcomes?
  11. How do businesses create/generate differentiated value?
  12. What elements need to be taken into consideration while designing a value chain finance product?
  13. What are the Interesting developments and opportunities to look for in Agri-finance?
  14. Which countries will experience significant negative agribusiness outcomes because of the climate change we are experiencing? 
  15. Which regions & product categories are receiving investments with the food & agribusiness? 

If you are comfortable in answering and having a good discussion on the above questions we wish you a lot of success. If you would like to have preparation support we recommend you the following digital school courses: