An agricultural extension service provider directly works with farmers and companies related to agriculture. Their primary role is to aid these groups to make better decisions to increase agricultural production and returns from their production. The extension service provider is constantly armed with the latest techniques and information related to agriculture and they relay this information to farmers and agricultural business. Agricultural extension agents must be familiar with the types of agricultural operations that are taking place in their territory. For this, they have to travel throughout their region or district to provide the latest industry information to farmers, community groups. These pursuits may include irrigated crop farming, fruit farming. They present information on scientific advances, farm management, marketing, production, and other topics that are relevant to agricultural businesses operating in their area. Here in this course the digital innovation that can strengthen the effectiveness and value of the agriculture extension services will be covered. 

This course is relevant for candidates keen on pursuing “Agriculture Extension Service Provider” job role in the following industries:

  1. Agri Input Industry (Seed, Agrochemical, Fertilizer) 
  2. Agri Retail Industry (Procurement chains) 
  3. Animal Feeds & Veterinary medicine Industry 
  4. BFSI Industry (Crop insurance, Crop loan, other Banking & Insurance services)
  5. Agri-tech companies, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces that need farmer/rural side coordination and fulfillment of activities