Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course and assessment you would be able to answer/discuss the below questions with a lot more clarity and confidence.

  1. What are the different type of urban agriculture technologies that are put to commercial use?
  2. How do you carry out a functional analysis of urban agriculture production system?
  3. What is the role of a growing medium (e.g. soil, artificial substrate) in urban agriculture production system?
  4. What is the role of water in urban agriculture production? 
  5. What is the role of Nutrients in urban agriculture production? 
  6. What is the role of light in urban agriculture production system?
  7. What is the role of air temperature & speed, humidity and atmospheric composition in urban agriculture production?
  8. How do you protect urban agriculture crops against competitive organisms or viruses (e.g. fungi, lice, crop diseases)
  9. How does the photosynthesis, respiration & transpiration take place in urban production 
  10. What are the different types of growing systems and facility types in urban agriculture?
  11. What type of products can effectively be grown in an urban agriculture set-up?
  12. How does the economics work for vertical farming, conventional hydroponics greenhouses, conventional aquaponics greenhouses and poly houses? 

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