Factory Operations – (Intern/Fresher)

In this role, one is expected to deliver efficiency in the operations while effectively delivering on the output quality parameters.

You can expect specific questions around the positioning of the company in the value chain and product/service categories in which they operate. The questions suggested below provide can serve as a good preparatory questions set for a factory operation roles:

  1. Would the principles of value creation change for businesses in food processing?
  2. What cold chain innovations are finding adoption for fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, milk and meat?
  3. What type and level of tracking and traceability is needed for different players in agribusiness value chains?
  4. What applications would natural food preservatives have?
  5. What methods are useful to control water activity in foods?
  6. What methods are useful to control Microbiological activity in foods?
  7. What are the different types of drying? What are the applications for each?
  8. How are challenger brands being created at a very fast pace in a rather slow/conventional food & agribusiness industry?
  9. Which regions & product categories are receiving investments with the food & agribusiness? 
  10. What is value chain finance? Under what conditions would value chain finance work for small & medium scale farmers? 
  11. What is an agribusiness/marketing company’s credit?
  12. What innovations are being used to build a credit profile and credit scope for smallholder farmers?
  13. Are the causes for food waste/losses different in emerging markets vs markets with good storage & logistics infrastructure?
  14. Does network distribution system perform better on incentive allocation compared to linear distribution system?
  15. How are incentives distributed for different stakeholders in a food distribution system? 

If you are comfortable in answering and having a good discussion on the above questions we wish you a lot of success. If you would like to have preparation support we recommend you the following digital school courses: